Ploskorez garden and polytunnel tools

Well-built, light and easy to handle tools from Russia, perfect for polytunnel work and general jobs around the garden. We will be surprised if one of these doesn’t replace your favourite hoe!

Ploskorez swift garden and polytunnel tool.


We are the exclusive Irish distributor for Ploskorez tools. Made from quality stainless steel and timber, they are light, easy to handle and perfect for any number of jobs in a polytunnel or garden. The Swage, pictured below, can be used for weeding, raking, cultivating, furrowing and will slide right under any watering systems that are in place.

Closeup of a Ploskorez swage.


The Stork, below, is a terrific tool for weeding and soil maintenance. It has an adjustable head so you can set it up to suit yourself and is powerful enough to pull stubborn weeds right out but light enough to make it very easy to use. These are top quality tools at really good prices and take a lot of the work out of common chores in the polytunnel.

Closeup of a Ploskorez stork polytunnel and garden tool.


The Swift is like a smaller version of the Stork, a really light and handy tool for the polytunnel.

See them in action

Visit the Ploskorez video page where you can see videos of all the tools in action.