LogRite® Tools

If you're handling or processing timber of firewood check out these specialist tools that are built to last.

LogRite cant hook with log stand accessory tool being used to cut timber.


The hookaroon, a pointed hook on an aluminium handle, makes moving and handling firewood safer. Available in 24", 30", 36" and 48" handle lengths this is a surprisingly versatile tool that saves effort when moving wood.

Closeup of a LogRite hookaroon from Log Tools Ireland.

Cant hooks and peaveys

Both tools consist of a handle with a swing hook. A cant hook has a small toe hook on the end which provides a second biting edge. A peavey has a point on the end which is used to separate logs.

Closeup of a LogRite cant hook.

Log stand

The 6" log stand, pictured in the main image above, attaches to LogRite's 42", 48" or 60" Cant Hooks or the 30", 42", 48" or 60" Peaveys. It adds log jack functionality to our tools. Great for cutting up firewood.

Closeup of a LogRite log stand attachment.
LogRite hookaroon pictured with a splitting axe.

LogRite hookaroon, above. If you handle timber or firewood, you want one of these.

LogRite two man log carrier.

The two man log carrier, above, will grip a log up to 16" in diameter.

LogRite arches

LogRite arches are designed to safely handle logs while felling, transporting or processing.

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LogRite accessories

Using the LogRite accessory products, your arch can do even more around the farm, yard or park.

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