LogRite® Accessories

These handy options and accessories make a LogRite arch even more useful around the farm, yard or park.

Log Tools Ireland LogRite Junior Arch.

Trailer dolly adapter

The ball hitch adapter fits onto the Junior arch and makes the arch ideal for manoeuvring trailers or caravans.

LogRite trailer dolly adapter in use manoeuvring a trailer.

Sling adapter

The LogRite sling and chain adapters make moving or carrying logs, steel work, piping or any heavy objects much easier.

LogRite log arch pictured with optional sling.

Chain adapter

The chain adapter adds a central hook to the end of the arch in a position where it can lift and manoeuvre with ease.

LogRite chain adapter available from Log Tools Ireland.
LogRite trailer dolly adapter.
Closeup of LogRite trailer dolly adapter.
Closeup of LogRite chain adapter on a Junior log arch.
LogRite chain adapter in use on a Junior log arch.

LogRite arches

LogRite arches are designed to safely handle logs while felling, transporting or processing.

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LogRite tools

LogRite tools are perfect for handling timber or firewood while felling and processing..

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